Nov 082018

The Hook Neighbourhood Plan Consultation runs from 8th November to 20th December 2014.  This is the final “Regulation 14” consultation before the Plan goes to Hart DC and then the Planning Inspector.  See the poster for details, and get the documents here.

Nov 082018

The Hook Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 consultation is now underway, so please take this final opportunity to have your say.

The Plan will be the subject of the Hook Neighbourhood Plan Reg 14 Consultation, which runs from 8th November to 20th December.

The Draft Plan document and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) can be found via the following links:

Please submit your comments by e-mail to: 

The closing date for receipt of comments in 12 noon on 20th December 2018

If you’re not familiar with the Hart Local Plan you may find it useful to refer to the Regulation 19 Proposed Submission Version, which  is currently with the Planning Inspectorate.


Oct 032018

The NPSG has submitted a paper to the appeal by the West of Hook developers against refusal of planning permission.  In summary, the NPSG objects to the development because:

  • it encroaches on the gap between Hook and Newnham
  • there is already as much development coming to Hook as can be reasonably accommodated
  • the planned transport infrastructure is inadequate
  • the existing footpath will become too urbanised.

Read the details here.

Jan 162018

Here are the first draft Neighbourhood Plan documents.  These will be the subject of the Hook Neighbourhood Plan Consultation on 18 and 20 January 2018.

  • Hart’s latest draft of the Local Plan (the “Proposed Submission Local Plan” or PSLP) is available here.  If you’re not familiar with the Local Plan you may find it useful to read our Hart PSLP overview.

Please make your comments online here.

Alternatively, you may download a Word version here and email it to – but it would make it much easier to collate comments if you do it online.    Please submit all comments by 8 February 2018.

Nov 152017

The November meeting of the NPSG has been changed from Thursday 16 to Thursday 23 November.  This is to allow presentation discussion of the Masterplan for the village centre by AECOM, our technical consultants.

The Site Allocation document will also be discussed

Nov 152017

This month the NPSG hopes to complete the priority list of sites available for allocation under the Neighbourhood Plan.  These will the be turned into draft Policies – ie where we would like the 87 houses allocatable under the NP to be put and why – and presented to the public at a consultation event in January.  this will give Hook residents the chance to look at all the draft Policies and comment.

The consultation will be:

  • Thursday 18th January at the Elizabeth Hall 5-9
  • Saturday 20th January at the Community Centre 12 – 5
Oct 122017

The development sites emerging from the preliminary Site Allocation Report are:

Ref       Location
SHL5         Land north-west of Hook
SHL6         Land at Holt Lane, Hook
SHL9         Land off Hop Garden Road, Hook
SHL111      Garden Centre
SHL126      Land at London Rd, Murrell Green
SHL130      Land west of Varndell Road (Owens Farm)
SHL210      Holt Farm
SHL211       Land behind Holt Farm
SHL294      Garden Centre
HNP_A       Rawlings Yard
HNP_B       Stratfield House, Station Road
HNP_C       Bell Cornwell offices
HNP_D      Acorn House
HNP_H      Vets
HNP_J       Bartley House, Station Road

(SHL is the SHLAA reference.  For further details see Hart’s SHLAA Main Document November 2016.  This includes all the sites from the Call for Sites.
HNP is an internal reference for the brownfield sites)

Each of these will be assessed and ranked in priority order for development.  Although Hart has only specified 87 houses to be allocated under the Neighbourhood Plan, having a priority list will mean that the NP will still be valid if this number changes.  It is unlikely that any but the highest priority sites will be developed during the life of the plan.

The details will be discussed at our next meeting on 19 October in the Elizabeth Hall.