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Hart’s Local Plan offers no protection for Hook

If you’ve read the Local Plan you’ll see that it appears to say only 87 houses are coming to Hook, and the places these will be built will be decided by the Neighbourhood Plan.  This is true, but VERY misleading.  Including the new development at Murrell Green, and all the Bartley Wood office conversions, Hook could be in for 3500 houses.

This appears to be because Hart’s plan does not seek to restrict the most of the development in Hook.  It leaves that to the Neighbourhood Plan.  But this means the NP must assess 20 different development sites and allocate this huge number of houses.  This is a professional planning job, and passing it onto the NP is unfair and unrealistic: Hart is abdicating its responsibilities.  NPs were never intended to do work of this complexity.  Hart has been working on its plan for 5 years, at huge expense, and has essentially failed to deliver.  So it appears to have dumped the problem on a bunch of volunteers in Hook.

Just to emphasise the scale of the problem, up until the Local Plan publication, the NPSG was dealing with 4 sites for housing.  We are now dealing with 20.  We believe this makes the LP unfair and unsustainable.

Come along to the Annual Village meeting on 24 May in Lizzy Hall to find out more and make your voice heard.