Murrell Green to be assessed as well

After a meeting with our technical consultants, this is the list of sites that will be assessed as part of the site allocation process:

  • All the SHLAA sites from Hart’s November 2016 list that don’t have planning permission
  • The Murrell Green sites
  • Brownfield sites that we know of within Hook…
  • …but not sites in Bartley Wood business park, as these will be the subject of a separate masterplan

The full list of SHLAA sites is:

  • SHL3,4,5,6,9,111,130,173,193,210,211,212,294

Plus Murrell Green:

  • SHL083,084,126,135,136,167,169,184,186,209

Murrell Green is on the assessment list because of the current uncertainty about the Hart Local Plan – see separate post.