Residents “shocked” at what the Hart Local Plan doesn’t explain

Attendees at the Parish Council’s consultation on the Hart Local Plan were “shocked” to discover that a lot more housing is coming to Hook than it would appear from reading the Plan.  A quick reading of the Plan suggests that Hook will receive 87 houses on greenfield land and 10 on brownfield.  However, Hook Parish Council showed the following figures for what is actually happening:

Houses already with planning permission but not yet built (greenfield) 680
Proposed office conversions to flats (brownfield) 718
New dwellings proposed on brownfield land 462
…and the new settlement at Murrell Green 1800

…a total of 3660 dwellings, more than doubling the size of Hook!

If you want to understand why these difference have arisen, come to the the Annual Village Meeting on 24 May.